Pool Table Sizes for a Billiard Room.

Pool Table Size

There are many factors that you need to keep in mind whenever shopping for an indoor game such as a pool table. A lot of things can go wrong, it may be the pool table sizes, maybe the décor does not compliment the outlook of the table, or maybe it is just too extravagant for your minimalistic modern household.

However, the main problem that arises with a pool table is the size or measurement determination. If you are an amateur in the world of billiards or have never come close to even researching about pool tables before, then it is quite obvious that you will face some confusion regarding the sizing of the pool table and the measurement of your selected game room.

But do not worry; we are here to help you with just that. Even though we cannot go to your place and personally scope out how big or small your game room is, we can still provide some basic knowledge on the size range of pool tables.

We cannot guarantee that they will be accurately corresponding with your room size, but they can give you some basic idea on what pool table size to go for based on the measurements.

Standard Pool Table Sizes:

  1. 7 feet or Bar Size pool table ideal for Bars or Pubs.
  2. 8 feet or Home Size ideal for private home purposes.
  3. 9 feet or Professional Size ideal for any tournament or professional level.

So in details let us know some basic sizes first:

  • 7 feet
  • 8 feet
  • Or 9 feet.

You will not always find pool tables that measure in feet as some styles of pool tables actually measure in inches. So when it comes to that it will look a little something like:

  • 78 inches
  • 88 inches
  • 100 inches.

Pool Table
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Know that 7 feet/78 inches are the smallest sizes here. Pool tables of this size are typically known as tabletop or mini pool tables. This means they also usually come with foldable features such as the legs. You will also generally find pool tables of this size at your local bar since this size does not encourage competition. Pool tables of this size are mainly just for casual recreation.

You can easily place this kind of pool table on top of another table such as a coffee or dining table for playing. After you are done with them, you can easily fold them up and store them away in a compact place.

Pool tables that measure around 8 feet/88 inches are usually the size professionals opt for, as they are not too small neither are they too huge. This size chart is ideal when your house is spacious enough but you still wish to save up some additional space.

Usually, pool tables of this size range are made of really good quality wood so they also tend to be a bit heavier than your 7 feet/78 inches foldable tabletop-mini pool tables.

8 feet/88 inch pool tables (such as Barrington urban professional pool table) are generally known to be as professional level pool tables while 7 feet/78 inches pool tables are more equipped for bars or taverns.

Now for pool tables that measure around 9 feet/100 inches, these are slightly heavier than both 7/8 feet and 78/88 inched ones. Pool tables of this size range are usually found in five-star hotels or high-end casinos since they can accommodate a lot of people at once.

If you are someone who wants to experience power play during billiard, then placing an order for a 9 feet/100 inch pool table might be a good idea. This size for a pool table is generally harder to maneuver on but it also allows you to make stronger and more powerful shots from a distance.

Go for a 100 inch/9 feet size range pool table if you are practicing for competitive games or events.

Also, know that the largeness of the product does not mean that a pool table of this size is irrationally expensive, however comparatively they are costlier than the previous two sizes.

You can actually purchase a pool table of any kind or built, as long as you know there will be an adequate amount of free space around the pool table for movement. One of the most crucial parts of playing billiard is movement. Without proper mobility and space for walking, you can expect strained playing.

You should also know what size cues you want to play with. Generally, cues should be around 58 inches long. This is an ideal length for cues as it is not too long neither too short. However, larger pool tables might be equipped with longer cues, but that is rare.


  • 48 inched cues
  • 52 inched cues
  • 58 inched cues

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When it comes to cue sizes, you should also make sure to check out options for sizes of cue racks. Usually, wall cue racks are more appropriate for longer cues as they do not bend or crack that way. But if your pool table is a small one, you might also receive smaller cues so that means wall cue racks are not that necessary.

There is a term considered as a Regulation sizes billiard table. This regulation is one that will effectively explain to you what sizes your pool table actually needs to be in order to be considered as an ideal billiard table.

The size regulations are:

  • Bar or tavern: 7 feet with a playfield of 39 inches x 78 inches

This regulation is the most commonly used measurement for pool tables at your local bars or pubs. Since this size regulation is not that huge, it is easier to play on.

  • Standard: 8 feet with a playfield of 44 inches x 88 inches

Professionals usually opt for this size regulation as it is easy to play on this while being competitive.

  • Tournament: 9 feet with a playfield of 50 inches x 100 inches.

This size regulation is still widely used for national or international level tournaments or competitions.

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Billiard is a game that requires patience and strategic planning. However, with the right equipment and pool table, you can easily turn a complicated game to your favor and advantage.

We hope you had a fun time reading this article and that it proved to be of some help to your future billiard endeavors.