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Olhausen Pool Table Reviews-Updated for 2021

Olhausen Pool Table Reviews

There are tons of indoor games families can opt for, but nothing can beat a fun family game of pool table. These convenient indoor game tables provide players of all ages and built with an enjoyable time.

But there are so many pool table brands (check out our best-reviewed pool tables here) on the market now that choosing only one brand can be quite a dilemma. So which one do you actually go for in the end?

Well after doing tons of thorough research on pool tables, we found the perfect brand for you! The manufacturer “Olhausen” is renowned for producing world-famous billiard tables. Their pool tables flaunt quality and style at the same time.

This does not mean that they are super expensive either. In short, we think of Olhausen pool tables to be actually worth every penny. Not convinced yet? Well, then we hope the products mentioned in this Olhausen Pool Table Reviews will change your mind for the better!

Without wasting any more time, let us get right into reviewing these beauties!

Our 5 Best Reviewed Olhausen Pool Tables:

1. Olhausen Billiards 8 feet Belmont Pool Table

For our first product of the day, we have this beautiful 8 feet long pool table. The amazing matte cherry color of this pool table is a sight that will leave you and your loved ones in awe.

There are over 24 amazing shades you can choose from for this furniture pool table. The body is made of a really high-quality Canadian maple combined with fruitwood. This pool table by Olhausen screams sophisticated and sleekness.

Olhausen Billiards 8 feet Belmont Pool Table

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This incredible cherry colored pool table features the world’s best kind of diamond-honed slate which provides users with amazing stability for playing.

The wood used for this pool table underwent a test called “slow-growth” which makes sure that the pool table can last you through any type of weather condition without getting damaged to the least.

The T-nut constructed rail of this pool table ensures perfect balance and alignment every time. It also works to prevent hollow spots from occurring under cushions. The drop pockets of this pool table are made of really durable and high-quality genuine leather.

With the purchase of this pool table, you will also receive a set of billiard balls, 2 black racks, a plastic triangle, two maple cues of 58 inches each and a rail brush.


  • Very high-quality maple and fruitwood built
  • Real leather drop pockets
  • Anti-dampening wood construction
  • Budget-friendly.


  • The product is a little too heavy.

2. Olhausen Billiards 8 feet Blackhawk Pool Table

For our next Olhausen pool table we have the 8 feet long Blackhawk which comes in two tones of plain black and brandy-wine finish. This incredible pool table comes with over 20+ unique cloth colors.

Like all Olhausen pool tables, the Blackhawk also features 3 pieces of 1-inch diamond-honed slates, giving players more stability and balance. This also makes sure there is less unwanted noise produced during play.

Olhausen Billiards 8 feet Blackhawk Pool Table

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The uni-liner of the Blackhawk pool table helps to keep the slates all flat and arranged accordingly. This also reduces unnecessary movement within the slates.

When it comes to construction, this beautiful pool table is built of solid tulipwood with duo-tone shades of matte black combined with brandy-wine stain all over. This makes the pool table appear shinier and brand new even after years of usage.

With the purchase of this Olhausen Blackhawk pool table, you will be receiving a set of shiny billiard balls, a plastic triangle rack, two sturdy maple wood cues of 58 inches each, a plastic brush, and chalks. The dimensions of this pool table: 8 x 54 x 98 inches in total.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Large table is perfect for spacious environments
  • Noise-canceling and balancing uni-liner for slates.


  • This pool table is a little expensive.

3. Olhausen Billiards 8 feet West End Pool Table

If you want a pool table that is less fancy and can compliment your minimalistic house décor more, then this model of Olhausen Billiards is the one you should be getting next.

The West End pool table by Olhausen Billiards features a length of 8 feet in total. Be sure to keep this pool table in a spacious room. The construction of this minimalistic pool table is built of hard solid Canadian maple wood, complete with a sleek matte finish. As all Olhausen products, you also get to choose from over 20+ colors for the surface cloth.

Olhausen Billiards 8 feet West End Pool Table

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With the 1 inch, 3 piece-slates used for the making of this pool table, you can rest assured that there will be improved balance and less noise production during play.

Another great feature is the Uni-liner which is a larger slate that supports the smaller ones so there is better stability between the slates and wood.

The cushions used for this pool table are labeled as Accu-fast cushions which are apparently claimed to be the best in the industry.

Like all Olhausen pool tables, you will receive a brush, two pieces of cue rack, a set of shiny billiard balls, two 58 inches cues made of maple wood and a triangle.


  • Impressive minimalistic appearance
  • Pearlized diamond-honed slates
  • Real leather drop pockets
  • Easy installation
  • Handy uni-liner
  • Strong construction.


  • This pool table is not very budget-friendly.

4. Olhausen Billiards 8 feet Hampton Pool Table

Featuring the world’s finest 3 piece-1 inch slates, this amazing pool table is made of really high quality solid Canadian maple wood combined with heritage mahogany giving the pool table a classy and sophisticated appearance.

The Uni-liner feature of this pool table adds a large slate under the 3 piece diamond honed ones in order to provide users with better balance and less noise during long hours of play.

Olhausen Billiards 8 feet Hampton Pool Table

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The Accu-fast cushions are known to be the change-makers in the industry of pool tables. The hardwood lumber has undergone “slow growth”, a term that claims nothing can dampen or ruin the durability of the woods used in the making of this pool table by Olhausen Billiards.

Like all Olhausen billiards, you will also receive a range of accessories with the purchase of this pool table: A plastic brush for the rails, a two-piece cue rack, two 58 inches cues of hard maple wood, a set of billiard balls and also a cue drawer.


  • Leather pockets
  • Installation upon delivery
  • Uni-liner.


  • Unfortunately, this model is quite expensive.

5. Olhausen Billiards 8 feet Breckenridge Pool Table

For our last product from this list of Olhausen pool table reviews, we have the Breckenridge pool table in 8 feet. Like all renowned Olhausen billiards, this pool table model also features really hard maple wood for the construction, combined with a Breckenridge finish. This model also has buffalo nickel sights equipped.

Olhausen Billiards 8 feet Breckenridge Pool Table

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Choose your choice of cloth color from a range of 24 standard shades. During construction, the T-Nut rail method was used in order to make sure hollow spaces between Accu-fast cushions do not develop.

Underneath, the Uni-liner large slate supports the 1 inch-3 pieces diamond-honed slates in order to provide users with better balance and less unwanted noise production.


  • Large body
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Premium world-renowned slates.


  • This pool table is a little costly.

History of Olhausen Pool Tables

The story of the Olhausen brand started when Brothers Butch and Donny acquired a small manufacturing company located in San Diego, California in 1972. The company they acquired was making a measly 35 billiard tables annually.

Having said that, their initial goal in their first year of operations was to double the sale at 70 tables. Needless to say, they’ve been successful at reaching that goal and to date, the Olhausen brand is now selling 30,000 tables a year on average. Operating from their 250,000 sq. ft. facility located in Portland, Tennessee.

Olhausen is still family-owned and prides itself on consistently delivering high-quality tables for your utmost entertainment.

Olhausen Pool Table Dimensions

Throughout the years Olhausen has manufactured a multitude of billiards and pool tables. Each model having its unique style that fits the buyer’s needs. An Olhausen pool table’s dimensions would normally be in the 7 to 9 ft. sizes with their extra-large ones ranging from 10 to even 12 ft. in size.

When preparing your room for your pool table you need to consider a few things. We are talking about table height, cue length, and the size of the pool table itself. Olhausen tables usually are 30 to 32 inches in height, cue length is normally at 48 to 58 inches. At that knowledge with the size of the table you got then you’ll know the requirements your room would need to accommodate it.

Olhausen vs Diamond

There are a lot of good quality pool tables out in the market and two of the most well-regarded brands are Olhausen and Diamond. These brands have been at it for years and they’ve proven that if you prioritize quality more than anything else then you’ll stand out above the crowd.

Both companies are operating in the US. Olhausen is still family-owned and boasts long-lasting pool tables with the best cushion and hardwood quality. Diamond pool tables, on the other hand, prides itself of precision fitting frames and state of the art wedge leveling system.

Olhausen pool tables have a lifetime warranty!

Buying Guide


This can be an issue if your choice of a pool table is as large as these Olhausen one’s, however famous manufacturers will ensure installation upon arrival.


Since all the Olhausen pool tables we mentioned above are furniture style ones, you can expect them to consist of various customizable accessories such as pockets, cue drawers, cue racks, brushes, storage bags, etc.

However, not all furniture styles or bar/tavern style pool tables will come with a range of customizable accessories. This does not mean that they are of low quality but it surely does not hurt anyone if you did keep an eye out for the manufacturers that do include these extra goodies with the purchase of the initial package.


This is totally up to the user’s preference, but it is wiser to go for large pool tables only if your house can accommodate one. These pool tables are much larger and heavier than they usually seem in pictures or on screens.

However, if you can physically go to a store and check out the pool table yourself, make sure to double-check the dimensions and sizes of that particular pool table.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. How do I clean my pool table?

Answer: This is not really hard at all. You do not need to wet any cloth to clean your pool table. Simply making use of the brush that comes with the purchase of the pool table should be enough to brush off the dust build-up on the pool table.

2. What makes Olhausen Pool Tables stand out among its competitors?

Answer: There are a lot of qualities why Olhausen Pool Tables stands above the competition. For one it’s still family-operated to date, so you know that the passion and the dedication are there when it comes to producing only the best quality tables.

It’s a preserved tradition for this brand and their 100% solid American hardwood tables are some of the finest quality in the industry. Olhausen tables are also affordable and add a stylish look to your house as a piece of furniture.

3. How can I disassemble my Olhausen pool table?

Answer: Undo the pockets first. Take the 18 rail bolts out. Then take the pockets off the rails. Then you need to take the bed cloth. Lastly, take the legs out.

4. Are Olhausen pool table slate?

Answer: Olhausen has unilinear slates. This results in optimum quality tables. The top quality slate of Olhausen tables is what makes them an international brand.

5. Are Olhausen pool tables of really good quality?

Answer: Yes, almost 70 years of tradition has proven that. They are highly regarded in the industry and have had rave reviews from their followers. Their tables are made from the finest American hardwood. They are dedicated and are still operating in the US to boot.

6. How do I keep my Olhausen pool table in tip-top shape?

Answer: Most components of your Olhausen table is built to last a lifetime. You can vacuum or brush the cloth when needed. Don’t let people place any food or drinks on it and make sure to not move the table as much as possible.

Our Final Words

We hope you had a fun time reading this Olhausen Pool Table Reviews. We only included the best of the pool tables by this incredible manufacturer. Even though the products mentioned can seem a little pricey, but we assure you that they are worth every penny you spend.