7 Best Pool Tables of 2021 (Reviews & Guides)

Pool Table Reviews

There are so many variations of pool tables on the market now that choosing one from the lot can be a very inefficient process. To help you, we are going to cover what we think are the best pool tables for your home on the market.

We will also include a very handy informative section(Not the History) consisting of a buying guide, detailed reviews on the pool table, and frequently asked questions section to make pool table shopping easier for our beloved readers. Let’s start without further ado!

Our Top 7 Best Pool Tables:

  1. Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6 ft Pool Table
  2. Fatcat Reno 7.5 ft Pool Table
  3. Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40 inch Pool Table
  4. Sunnydaze Decor 36 inch Mini Pool Table
  5. Harvil Bellagio 8 ft Slate Pool Table
  6. Rack Vega 6 ft Folding Pool Table
  7. Minnesota Fat Cavinton 7.5 ft Pool Table

1. Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-ft Pool Table

We have our latest Hathaway Pool Table Reviews if you are in need.

First up on our roundup of the best pool tables, we have the Hathaway Fairmont pool table, which has a moderate length of 6 feet in total. This amazing pool table is made for compact places so you can easily place this pool table in your living room or den or any home. You will be glad to know that this table also comes with a nylon bag for carrying and storage.

Hathaway Fairmont Portable 6-ft Pool Table

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The table has dimensions of 76 inches x 43.25 inches x 32 inches. This makes the pool table accessible for kids too so everyone in your family or friend circle can have a fun time. The removable DIA-Steel legs with leg levelers make this pool table highly portable so you can even take it out to the yard to play on.

On top of that, the pool table comes completely pre-assembled so you and your loved ones can make use of this fun indoor game table from the get-go.

With the purchase of this product, users will receive a pool table, two cue balls of 48 inches, the racking triangle, a table brush, two chalks, and the billiard balls. This table is made of 25 percent wool and 75 percent polyester material. The corner caps are also plated with chrome.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Very portable
  • Lightweight (110 pounds only)
  • Pre-assembled
  • Convenient nylon carry and storage bag
  • Ideal height and length for users of any age.


  • Some users claimed they received faulty products so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

2. Fat Cat by GLD Products Fat Cat Reno 7.5-ft Pool Table

Next up, we have a 7.5 feet long pool table manufactured by the famous brand GLD Products. This visually pleasing pool table has a cherry red matte finish on it with a dark wine maroon color for the cloth.

This budget-friendly pool table was made for convenience, featuring 6-inch rails made of strong wood, an MDF Accuslate surface with amazing friction as well as K66 rubber bumpers that provide the table with incredible durability and structure over the years.

Fat Cat Reno 7.5 feet Pool Table

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This incredible pool table features French-style drop pockets on it, adding a hint of sophistication to your beautiful apartment or home. There are also 18 pearl diamond inlays on the inside of the table, allowing players to get a perfect aim and shot every time.

The legs are beveled and come attached with levelers so you can easily place the board on any sort of terrain.

The table comes with a set of shiny billiard balls, two 57 inches cues, two chalks, a triangle, and one handy brush. The dimensions of this product: 89.5 x 50.5 x 31 inches in total.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Very classy and sophisticated appearance
  • Strong built (maple wood)
  • Pearlized diamond inlays
  • Moderate dimensions.


  • The pool table is a little heavy (335 pounds).

3. Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40 inch Pool Table

If you are looking for a pool table that not only caters to adults but also to kids as well, then this pool table by Playcraft Sport is the one you should definitely have your eyes on.

This 40 inched mini pool table only requires you to attach the legs on to the base of the board and you will be good to go! The body of the pool table is made of high-quality MDF with a very pleasing cherry colored laminate on the outside.

Playcraft Sport Bank Shot 40 inch Pool Table

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The color of the cloth on the inside of the pool table is of dark blue, giving the product a cool and hip appearance.

This lightweight pool table ( of only 20.5 pounds) for kids and adults both alike comes equipped with a triangle, 15 billiard balls, chalk, a brush and  2 cues of 36 inches each.

Since this pool table is really compact, you can easily place the table on any sort of surface. You can even place the pool table on another table itself! The dimensions of the pool table: 9 x 20 x 40 inches in total.


  • High-quality MDF construction
  • Lightweight product
  • Very compact and portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy
  • Very budget-friendly.


  • Some users claimed their pool table did not arrive with the mesh drop pockets.

4. Sunnydaze Décor 36 inch Indoor Mini Pool Table

This is another budget-friendly mini pool table we have on this list. This pool table features a light weight of only 14 pounds, while the dimensions of this product are: 20 x 8.5 x 36 inches in total.

The Sunnydaze Décor Pool Table is made of really high-quality MDF material, complete with a PVC laminate on it. The inside surface features a warm green color made of wool felt with a very dark wood-grain finish around it. The drop pockets of this incredible mini pool table are made of high-quality net.

Sunnydaze Décor 36 inch Indoor Mini Pool Table

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You will be glad to know that the detachable black legs are beveled and come with levelers so you can easily carry this highly portable mini pool table anywhere and also place it on any kind of surface.

The pool table comes with a brush, two cues, 2 chalks, one triangle rack, and a set of strong billiard balls. This package also comes to your home with a very convenient one year lifetime warranty period.


  • Budget-friendly
  • High-quality MDF construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Mini pool table is very compact and portable
  • Lightweight.


  • Some users claimed the cues broke off after a while.

5. Harvil Bellagio 8-ft Slate Pool Table

If you want a pool table that does not necessarily take up too much room space in your home, then this is the one you should be getting for your next purchase.

The Harvil Bellagio features a 3 piece slate surface which is covered with a deep red wine colored felt combined with a sleek hardwood finish on the rails. This sophisticated pool table features intricate hand-carved legs complete with an ornate ball and a claw design.

Harvil Bellagio 8 foot Slate Pool Table

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The pool table comes with a set of 4-two piece cues, each of 58 inches in length. The cues are also made of really high-quality Canadian maple wood so you can rest assured these cues will not be prone to any kind of damage at all.

The other accessories you get with the purchase of this lightweight are: one 57 inches bridge stick complete with a copper-infused head, a box of chalks, a triangle rack, a set of shiny billiard balls, 2 different types of brushes, and also a PVC quality pool table cover for storage and long term maintenance.

The best thing about this pool table is that you even receive a tally shaker bottle so you can easily make use of the pool table for playing bottle pool.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Deep red wine-colored built
  • High-quality dense fiber wood construction
  • Accurate leveling on legs
  • Birch veneer finish
  • K66 rubber bumper cushions
  • Thick hardwood rails.


  • Some users claimed they received faulty products however since the manufacturer products good customer service; you can easily get that fixed.

6. Rack Pool Tables Vega Folding 6-ft Pool Table

For our next product, we have this amazing foldable pool table manufactured by Rack Pool Tables.

Since this pool table is easily foldable, you can carry and place this incredible indoor game table almost anywhere you want. You can even store it away inside a compact closet. The product features a moderate weight of 148 pounds and dimensions of 76 x 43 x 31 inches in total.

Rack Pool Tables Vega Folding 6 foot Pool Table

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The built of this foldable pool table is made of high-quality MDF construction, with a blue woolen felt for the inside surface. The rubber bumper cushions are of K66 material.

You will notice that the legs also have accurate leveling done on them so you can easily place this foldable pool table on any sort of surface. The drop pockets are made of a durable cotton net.

We hope the term “foldable” does not make you assume that this pool table is unsteady as it is anything but imbalanced. It is in fact very durable and strong and you will not have to worry about the table toppling over while playing on it.

The package comes with 2-56 inches cues, a set of shiny billiard balls, an ABS triangle, 2 chalks, and a brush.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Compact
  • Space-saving feature
  • Durable MDF construction
  • Budget-friendly.


  • A few reports claimed on rare occasions, the tabletop seemed a little too heavy for the stands.

7. Minnesota Fats Covington 7.5-ft Billiard/Pool Table

For our last product of the day, we have the Covington Pool Table for your happy home manufactured by Minnesota Fats.

This impressive pool table features a dark red matte color on its body with black colored drop pockets and high-quality diamond shields. The legs of this pool table are black in color and carved in design. The leveling on the legs is accurate.

Minnesota Fats Covington 7.5 feet Pool Table

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The inside surface of this pool table features camel-colored wool felt, with oak veneer and cherry-colored rails. The rubber cushioning on this pool table is of K66 material.

This pool table has a moderate weight of 250 pounds, with dimensions of 96 x 53 x 31 inches in total. For the user’s convenience, the features of this pool table were made easy to understand so you would not even need an hour to get this indoor game table installed and assembled for playing.

With the purchase of this pool table, you will receive 2 chalks, a billiard ball set, a handy brush, 2 durable cues, and a triangle.


  • Moderate weight
  • Budget-friendly
  • High-quality MDF construction
  • Accurately leveled legs
  • Professional grade inside surface wool felt.


  • Does not come pre-assembled.

How to Buy the Best Pool Tables:

Now that we have gone over the best pool tables, let us head on to this convenient buying guide that will help you learn more about pool tables in general.

The features mentioned below are also what you should keep in mind when placing an order for your choice of a pool table. So without further ado, let us get right into it!

Pool table style

There are basically two styles for pool tables that players always opt for. The first is the furniture style pool table while the other is the bar/tavern style. Both are equally impressive however they cater to every user’s needs personally.

The furniture style is sometimes a custom made and they also require to be assembled after delivery. The best way to distinguish furniture pool tables from a bar/tavern pool table is that they are measured in feet. The big tables can also serve families as dining tables as well. This also saves up space in the room.

Bar/tavern pool tables, on the other hand, come pre-assembled, much like the pool tables, we reviewed here today. They are measured in inches. If you don’t have time or patience for assembly, then bar/tavern tables are among the best pool tables for home use out there.

Room size

Room size is very important because the best pool tables for home use ideally aren’t too large for your space.

You have to keep in mind that the size of the room or wherever you will be placing the pool table compliments the indoor game table. We do not mean the appearance of the room in this case.

If you are going for mini pool tables, you can easily place them on the floor or tabletops and then move them away for storage. However, if you are investing in a rather large pool table then make sure you have plenty of free space around the pool table so players can move around.


The best quality pool tables for home use will come equipped with a range of accessorizing materials such as different colors, unique surface cloth in a range of patterns or shades, high-quality drop pockets, and drawers, etc.

This does not mean that pool tables which do not come with these features are a bad quality one, however, it does not hurt to invest in a pool table that provides all these amenities as well.


This sort of varies from product to product as naturally, a large pool table will not be that portable at all. However, if your choice of a pool table is a foldable one, make sure you also research the quality and strength of the legs as most of the time the legs are unstable for this kind of pool table.


This is a very important feature a high-quality pool table will definitely have. Leveling of the legs is very important as this allows the table to be placed on almost any kind of terrain. It also makes the table less unstable while increasing durability and strength at the same time. Be sure to check out if your choice of pool table comes with accurate leveling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let us review some of the frequently asked questions our readers might have regarding the best pool tables in general:

1. What should I look for in the best pool tables for home?

When placing an order for a pool table, make sure it has these features included:

  • Accurately leveled legs
  • A soft woolen felt
  • Rubber bumper cushions
  • High-quality drop pockets
  • A warranty period, etc.

Though there are other features you should keep an eye out for as well, these few mentionable features should be present in any sort of pool table.

2. How many years will my pool table last?

This varies from person to person. However, in general, an average pool table should last for almost 3 years. But this also depends on how you maintain the pool table and the cloth on the surface.


So there you have our personal top of the best pool tables!

From this pool table review, we hope you had a fun time reading our article and that it proved to be of some help to you and your loved ones. All the products mentioned here are from really good brands; hence they are all of very high quality.