Barrington Pool Table Reviews-2021

Barrington Pool Table Reviews

Maybe you are shifting into a house or you simply just want to revamp your old apartment and give it a new touch. There could be tons of stuff you can introduce to your house. These can be new furniture, technology or even indoor games.

If you are someone who is opting for the third option, then you are in luck! Today in this article we are going to cover one of the best indoor game options out on the market now, and that is your one and only pool table!

Pool tables can be a lot of fun even when you are playing it all alone. However, when you have friends or family over fun can surely be heightened. A lot of pool tables now come equipped with a range of other accessories and games.

The brand we are going to review today is called BARRINGTON. But indeed it is really important to check the Barrington Pool Table Reviews before buying. Their pool tables boast quality and simplicity while having a range of unique features at the same time. We are also going to include the pros and cons of each of the Barrington pool tables we review here today.

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So without further ado, let us get right into reviewing!

BARRINGTON 84 inches Arcade Billiard Table/Pool Table

If we look at this Barrington Pool Table Reviews, Then we can say undoubtedly that, this pool table is perfect for game rooms and office entertainment spaces. Due to the fact that this pool table comes equipped with a dartboard as well, you can experience a fun time with your friends, family or colleagues.

This amazing pool table has strong 5-inch leg levelers and improved playfield aprons that provide users with better stability and weight distribution throughout the table. You will not have to worry about this billiard table toppling over.

Barrington 84 inch Arcade Pool Table

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The built of this high-quality pool table is made of really strong hardwood while the extra dartboard has an impressive magnet hold. All the products in the package come pre-assembled.

With the purchase of this pool table, you will be receiving a bonus dartboard with accessories.


  • Moderate weight
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • The surface felt is soft
  • Versatile pool table with extra game accessories.


  • The product is a little costly.

BARRINGTON 90 inches Ball and Claw Leg Billiard Pool Table

For our next product on this Barrington Pool Table Reviews, we have this incredible 90 inches pool table with a solid green color for the surface felt.

This beautiful pool table features scratch-resistant coating on the rails and real K-66 rubber bumpers for cushioning. The surface felt is made of high-quality tricot polyester.

BARRINGTON 90 inches Ball and Claw Leg Billiard Pool Table

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When it comes to the built, this pool table is constructed with really strong hard-wood. The 3 pieces of 1-inch slates make sure the pool table provides proper stability and noise cancellation.

Alongside the pool table, you will also receive a bonus dartboard with its very own set of accessories. This product has dimensions of 89 x 50.25 x 31 inches in total.


  • Moderate size
  • High-quality construction
  • Damage resistant rails
  • Accurately leveled legs.


  • Not too budget-friendly.

BARRINGTON Springdale 90 inches Claw Leg Billiard Table Set

Next up we have another 90 inched pool table by BARRINGTON. The Springdale pool table has an impressive construction made of high-quality maple wood. This pool table has claw designed legs with intricate markings over it, providing the product with strength, durability as well as a striking appearance at the same time.

BARRINGTON Springdale 90 inches Claw Leg Billiard Pool Table Set

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The 18mm board of the surface is covered with green colored soft wool felt. The parlor style drop pockets add a hint of classiness to your décor and home.

The best thing about this incredible manufacturer is that they have lifetime warranty periods, within which you can easily contact them with any kind of concern you might have. If in case you receive a faulty product, you also get 100 percent cash back!


  • Strong sturdy body
  • High-quality surface felt
  • Striking visuals.


  • This pool table is a little expensive.

BARRINGTON Urban Professional Billiard Pool Table

For our last product on this Barrington Pool Table Reviews, we have this incredible 8 feet pool table with the dimensions: 95.5 x 53.5 x 32 inches in total.

Made with birch veneer complete with an oak finish and concrete legs, this impressive pool table also features drop pockets made of real leather.

BARRINGTON Urban Professional Billiard Pool Table

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The 25MM play area is covered with high quality 50 percent real wool felt, with the cushioning being of K-66 rubber. You can also choose which color felt you want for your pool table.

Even though this incredible pool table features really strong concrete legs, it still manages to have a really lightweight of only 298 pounds in total, making it highly portable. With the purchase of this pool table, you will receive chalks, a brush, a triangle, cue racks, maple wood cues and a set of billiard balls.


  • Lightweight
  • Highly strong leveled legs
  • High quality built.


  • This pool table is a little expensive.

Buying guide

Now that we have gone over the best Barrington pool tables, let us take a look at some of the few worthy features you should keep an eye out for in all pool tables.

The size

This is important because it will also depend on the size of the room you have in mind for the pool table to be placed in. Even though larger pool tables are worthy long term wise, if you have a small house it will be a smart idea to opt for a small pool table as well. Otherwise, there will be a strain in movement and that can affect your play.

The slates

There are two types of playfields that you have to keep in mind. One kind of playfield is made of wood while the other is made of slate. Typically slates are opted by more professional billiard players as they are stronger and provide better stability.

But even if you are an amateur in the world of billiards, we do not see why you cannot just go for a high-quality slate pool table in the first place. Pool tables with a playfield of slate will obviously provide better performance and also last you longer than your usual wood constructed ones.


Since the pool tables we mentioned here are also appropriate for game rooms, we thought including themes as a feature in this buying guide would be a good idea.

When we say themes, we mean you can easily find pool tables that cater to stylized skins such as Pac-man, animes, sports, etc. These are not necessarily custom made as you can find them quite easily. However, if you want you can also personally include some of your favorite themes onto your choice of a pool table.


A lot of pool tables from highly renowned brands will now let you customize your choice of pool table yourself. These personal customizations can come in forms of skins, stains (such as dark cherry red, shadow grey, etc), the surface cloth (wool felt, Simonsi 860 cloth, etc), drop pocket styles and material, easy to access drawers, dining tops, etc.

Obviously, there are tons of other stuff you can do for customization such as adding your own set of stickers, extra games, etc. however that might require you to spend extra cash as well. The above mentioned accessorizing costs are usually covered with the initial expenditure over the pool table.


This does not seem like a big deal at first but trust us when we say it really is something you should definitely not overlook when researching pool tables and its brand.

High-quality pool tables usually tend to be bigger and much heavier as they are made of really strong and durable materials. If the brand you are purchasing that specific pool table from is a renowned one, then you can expect assembly and installation upon delivery.

However, a lot of brands do not offer this amenity, leaving the hard work to the customers in the end. If you are okay with that, then sure go ahead and purchase that pool table. But if you wish for a professional to assemble and install the pool table for you then research thoroughly if the brand will offer you a team for that or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size is the best for a pool table?

This depends on the user’s preference, but generally speaking, a pool table of around 8 feet or 90 inches should be a decent one for any kind of room.

2. Should I put a rug under my pool table?

Sure you can put a rug under your pool table, however, do make sure your pool tables legs have settled before they are leveled onto the rug.


So there you have it! We have reached the end of this Barrington Pool Table Reviews. We hope you had a fun time reading this article and that it proved to be of some help to you and to your loved ones.